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The fact that you are on this page means that you have a heart for the simple gospel; the poor, the orphan and the widow.


Hope you enjoy this journey with us.


Mission Hope Memel is a Non-Profit Organisation that was established 21 years ago in 1999 to attend to the needs of the poor and have since brought hope to thousands of people. We are forever grateful to our founding members Ron & Dr Ena Bromley and Dr Gert & Cilna Maritz.


Ena was born in Vrede South Africa and furthered her studies in the USA where she also met and now lives with her husband Ron. They saw the need in South Africa and partnered with Dr Gert and Cilna Maritz with similar hearts and together they established Mission H.O.P.E. USA/Memel.

The team from left to right: Johan Maritz (CEO Mission Hope Memel), Ron Bromley (Co-Founder MHM), Dr Ena Bromley (Co-Founder MHM), InetGeldenhuys (Founder Kingdom Kids and CEO Edu Africa), Hennie Geldenhuys (Board of Directors MHM), Cilna Maritz (Co-Founder MHM) and Dr Gert Maritz (Co-Founder and Board of Directors MHM).

About Us

Our main focus is to share the Gospel of Jesus and help people prepare well for eternity while also meeting their daily physical needs. We believe that there are more than enough and no one in this world deserves to go to bed hungry and/or feel hopeless about their future.


We provide infrastructure and means for the poor, desperate and mostly forgotten to help them dream again and accomplish God`s ultimate plan for their lives.


Mission Hope Memel is Gods heart and His ministry and we are all just laid down lovers of Christ saying yes to His plan here on earth. When working with the poorest of the poor there are no backup plans and we are 100% reliant on His leadership.


It is a daily walk of listening and obeying and rolling out Gods perfect blueprints.

He has come through for us in so many different ways over the years and we have seen His faithfulness and provision through multiplication of food, supernatural healings and many other miracles. We treasure the fact that we get to experience His presence and heartbeat in so many tangible ways and we want to share this with as many people as possible.


Mission Hope Memel’s main work initially involved communities in and around Memel but with growing demand and new CEO Johan Maritz we are also extending our gospel reach to the broader South African community via outreaches, conferences, radio and most recently a door opening into Christian television.


We kindly invite you to become further involved and partner with us in bringing hope to some of the poorest communities in South Africa. Without partners and support from people like yourself who sow into Mission Hope Memel non-of this work will be possible.

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About Us
About Us

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