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1. Dumisane Youth Care Centre


Dumisani Youth Care Centre was founded in 2002 by Mission Hope to provide a home for orphaned and abandoned children.


The centre also provides a safe place for children who are removed from abusive families. Mission Hope supports Dumisani financially, emotionally, and spiritually.


Although these children are unable to live with their biological parents, we at Mission Hope do not believe in calling these children orphans as they have been adopted into the family of Christ.


“I will be a Father to you, And you shall be My sons and daughters, Says the Lord Almighty.” 2 Corinthians 6:18

2. Feeding Programmes


Our feeding program serves129 children daily in 3 different locations in the community:


  • Feeding Minds - this program runs from Monday to Friday at Dumisani Youth Care Centre where 25 children recieve a cooked meal.
  • Fosta Feeding Scheme - Anna, a lady who volunteered to run the program from her house, is in charge of this group of 16 kids who come to her house for a cooked meal after school.
  • Kingdom Kids - we provide breakfast and lunch every school day to 88 kids enrolled in Kingdom Kids school.


This also provides wonderful opportunity for spiritual nourishment with the word of God.


“Feed the hungry, and help those in trouble. Then your light will shine out from the darkness, and the darkness around you will be as bright as noon.” Isaiah 58:10

3. The Lighthouse Community Centre


In 2018 God spoke to us about establishing His church at one of our three feeding schemes located in one of the poorest communities around Memel.


This community centre building provides a platform for community events, crusades, bible school and Sunday meetings.


Our Lighthouse mother Anna has a zeal for Christ and knows the language, culture and needs of her community. She and others use the gifts and tools God has given them to minister to the people around them. This love draws people toward a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and moulds them into strong disciples of the faith, who in turn transforms others in their community.


The Lighthouse Fosta testifies to God’s presence and provision in the community.

4. Kingdom Kids


Kingdom Kids was founded by Inet Geldenhuys and receives monthly support from Mission Hope.


It started with one preschool classroom made up of 12 students and one teacher and has grown to five classrooms made up of 88 students and six teachers as of 2020.


Kingdom Kids is now also registered as an independent school and will start with grade 1 in 2020 and add a new grade each respective year.


Kingdom Kids is built on the foundation of Christ Jesus and gives previously disadvantaged kids access to good quality education through subsidies and sponsorship.


Are you an Early Childhood, Primary or Secondary teacher? Are you passionate about Children’s Ministry? Are you passionate about education and equipping the generations?


Not a teacher? You are welcome too! We need community workers in all areas.


“Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.” Proverbs 22:6

5. Disabled House


Currently we provide our disabled house with maize meal and meat on a daily basis. We also help out with other needs like clothing and toys etc. We would like to provide more support in terms of a new venue and permanent paid helpers.


We dream about a future where our disabled community would have access to more resources and supporting personnel like occupational therapists, child kineticists and physiotherapists.

6. Garbage Dump


We do relieve work and support 12 woman working on the garbage dump physically, spiritually and emotionally.

7. Relief Work


Whenever there is an unplanned disaster or event we help where we can.


With the current Covid19 Pandemic, we are running a Corona Relief Fund helping the poor with groceries, fresh vegetables and meat.

When a flood destroyed Anna`s mud house we took action and build her a new brick house

8. Public Community Events


Mission Hope Memel is also involved in many other community engagements locally and nationally including public speaking at schools, radio, woman and men`s conferences and other community engagements including woman`s day, freedom day, human rights day and other public awareness campaigns including HIV aids all sowing hope to many a lives in communities.

9. Small Business and Skills Development Projects


At Mission Hope Memel we see education as a primary vehicle to move out of poverty and to bring hope and change to individuals, families, communities, and ultimately; countries.


We are involved in training and small business infrastructure and support.

Graduates Business Administration and Project Management class of 2018.

10. Other Planned Future Projects


  • Missionary Village
    We have recently acquired new land where we plan to build a missionary village and plan to accommodate our short, medium and long term visitors, volunteers and missionaries.
  • Greenhouses for vegetables during the winter
    Memel and surrounding areas have long and cold winters and we plan to provide infrastructure to cultivate vegetables right throughout the winter.
  • Drug Rehabilitation Centre
    We see a big need for a Rehabilitation Centre where drug addicts would have the support to break the chains and recover from serious drug abuse.

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designed by
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